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17-Nov-2017 17:15

And like that, it was over—the parties, the dancing lessons, the stand-in family.Like many boys who “age out” of their enslavement, Kamal found he had nowhere to turn, and no marketable skills but one: his dancing.

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Despite same-sex marriage not being officially recognised in Hong Kong, a male civil servant successfully overturned the decision of the Secretary for Civil Service (Secretary) for denying spousal benefits to his same-sex spouse on the ground of unlawful discrimination based on sexual orientation in the High Court (HC) in (Judgment handed down on 28/04/2017).

Therefore, the Benefits Decision unlawfully discriminated against Mr. The court seems to have treated the Benefits Decision and Tax Decision differently based on interpretation of the underlying source documents.

For the Benefits Decision, the term “spouse” is not defined under the CSR and there has not been express incorporation of the definition of “marriage” under the Marriage Ordinance (Cap. For the Tax Decision, on the other hand, the terms of “spouse” and “marriage” are defined under the IRO which the court narrowly construed.

Even at that young age they already carry the emotional scars of rape and violence.

Those boys who escape often have no resources to fall back on, and many eventually end up returning to their former master. raised the issue before Hamid Karzai, the president replied, "Let us win the war first.

The Police has given guidance to the girl who allegedly typed an improper message on the online dating website at the end of September.