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Because of its association with nature, it became the color of the Environmental Movement in the 1960s, and Green Parties were founded in many counties.

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Political groups advocating environmental protection and social justice describe themselves as part of the Green movement, some naming themselves Green parties.By far the largest contributor to green in nature is chlorophyll, the chemical by which plants photosynthesize and convert sunlight into chemical energy.Many creatures have adapted to their green environments by taking on a green hue themselves as camouflage.The perception of greenness (in opposition to redness forming one of the opponent mechanisms in human color vision) is evoked by light which triggers the medium-wavelength M cone cells in the eye more than the long-wavelength L cones.

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Light which triggers this greenness response more than the yellowness or blueness of the other color opponent mechanism is called green.

The Persian word سبز sabz can mean "green", "black", or "dark".

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