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02-Dec-2017 11:32

Here’s An Arabic fusion belly dance to swag se swagat!

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According to Youtube, it is one of the most liked Bollywood songs of 2017.What we get to know finally from this film about the relationship between Man and Nature is, it is one helluva screwed-up alliance. If only it didn't conceal the exuberant computer-graphics in streams of tribal folklore dressed up in swanky clothes.Images from the National Geographic meet Fear Factor in this brilliantly photographed adventure saga.The narrative, underlined by an insistent background score (fortunately no songs), strains so hard for effect that you fear for its life-force. Scenes written to highlight the irreconcilable differences between Man and Nature meander to an incomplete full-stop.

Stunning shots of the natural beauty of the Sunderbans cannot compensate for the lack of consistency and logic in the plot about a bunch of adventurers's revenge on a white tiger, which finally lurches to a whimper rather than a roar.

Tigers are apex predators, primarily preying on ungulates such as deer and bovids.

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