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Post A Comment Comments Posted On Dec 18, 2017 - AMGuys i would like to suggest everyone out here that lets boycott these so called masseur who are charging more than their Capacity.. I had a genuine massage from a straight person called Santosh from Virar who has a muscular bulky body and charges only 600 bucks (Strictly No fun only massage).. Posted On Dec 18, 2017 - [email protected]: I agree with you. I am sure they are all intelligent to know what they are doing. Aside, I am looking for hairy, beefy genuine masseurs who obviously offer more than a good massage. Posted On Dec 25, 2017 - PMThere are home services provided by organised online providers such as "Big Styylistt" and "At Hoome Diiva" (deliberately mis-spelled so that it doesn't show up in the google search, hope you understand the obvious spellings). then after 20 mins or so his calls went unanswered. After an hour or so i threatened him to refund my money or i will complain to police. I reached almost 7 PM & found it odd that he was wearing shades. Posted On Jan 3, 2018 - [email protected] 90% of the guys on ohmojo/Pr/grindr are for a quick buck. I would label them as call boys or prostitutes than masseurs.

On the name of massage these unprofessional and unskilled masseur are lootofy genuine customers and making boom in the market.. i know a few straight masseurs that charge between 300 - 750 max. I have a suggestion for all, Please make a note of the date, name and amount paid for massage. I came across the second one, when I was on Quicker (misspelled again. Then he came out and called some of his friends (approx 7-8). when ever I ask their experience or where they learnt they never reply back or give some *** as friend taught extra... Posted On Jan 4, 2018 - AMMost of us are more interested in *** rather than any kind of massage...

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Location: India : Maharashtra : Mumbai : Gay Massage Parlours and Gay Masseurs in Mumbai This thread is for posting details about body massage parlours that provide "extras" and masseurs who provide similar services. I had one experience with ayush from sion who gives massage in a chawl type room. But I think he has been inundated with clients so he has now started acting a bit pricey. The minute these guys get a little bit famous, quality and courtesy both go out of the window. mr saifee- massage and *** excellent Posted On Dec 27, 2017 - PMHi guys. He calls himself a massager but when I tried to call him, the true caller notified him to be a Police. Last year i read news about satkar hotel which is just beside of magical touch. All they do is press a few muscles here and there on your body (except for the one muscle that matters the most LOL) and for a "good time" they offer to *** you for extra charges.Posted On Dec 18, 2017 - PMAfter reading reviews about Magical Touch I did go there. But this I think is feasible only if you have place the entire day or so. Please share your experiences if you've been lucky. Even if we have a partner , but not place, where will we go? Else one will have to book a room in a normal hotel, for a day or so. People writing about pure masseurs on other sites and comparing their charges with the gay-special masseurs are again forgetting about *** and place. but either he replies late or doesnt at all, he doesnt pick up call or what i dont understand. Posted On Dec 27, 2017 - PMall the straight gym trainer in mumbai only takes Rs 200 or Max Rs 500 for the gay massagers are taking more than Rs 2000 or above then it is for the fun part only. Remember, it is not an official business, everything is hush hush and involves risks for the guy giving massage or one running the parlour also.I feel the risk factor of calling an unknown masseur home, goes down if one calls him from such websites since they are properly vetted. Now as far as the naughty business goes, the chances are as much as stumbling across someone like this at an actual parlour or on Just Dial. Posted On Dec 25, 2017 - [email protected] It wud be like hit n miss. Only feasible if u hve lots of time n money to spare. And I don't think having *** for money will be an easy thing. Hes amazing a masseur but i dont know, hes become more like a machine i feel. Handsome Vile parle : Dont like the place much as its too small plus the have guys repeated. Because they already mentioned that it is only for 1 hr. There is risk of police, so called social workers etc.Call Now 08454970838 Name - Marina Age - 21 Body Figure - 34C 26 36 Available In: - 3*5*HOTEL .& Home IN CALL AND OUT CALL SERVICE AVAILABLE You will see that I am more than just a pretty exterior but a classy lady that…

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