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Pornography was not the only negative influence in my life, but its effect on me was devastating. Gay magazines and newspapers around the world have given the film positive reviews, raving about Charlize Theron's famous physical transformation, Christina Ricci's pyrotechnic turn in a key supporting role, and director Patty Jenkin's understated, effective approach to the sensational storyline.

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This list is intended for reference purposes only and does not imply a causal relationship between homosexuality and serial killing.No ethnic, religious or cultural group promotes this sort of violence.But in a free society, no culture is entirely free from violence, despite their best efforts. It seems to me this culture promotes the degradation and abuse of their women for reasons only they know and understand." Pinpointing the blame for abuse on any one "culture" is irresponsible and weak. It is no respecter of gender, marital or relationship status.Most of the killers have raped their victims either before or after killing them, although in some cases they have killed after consensual homosexual sex.

There have been heterosexual serial killers who have targeted gay victims (e.g., Colin Ireland), but this is very rare.

Although the proportion of serial killers who are known to have had homosexual experience is high (over 43%), the total number of serial killers is too small to make statistically relevant statements about whether homosexuals are over- or under-represented among serial killers.

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The study includes all patients from over a period of 12.5 years (May 1998 to October 2010) that underwent (1) decompressive craniectomy for acute brain swelling, (2) cryopreservation of the removed bone flap, and (3) reimplantation of the bone flap at the Neurosurgical Department, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway.… continue reading »

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