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The plants in this region have large, soft leaves spaced far apart on large, tough stems.Today, Pu-Erh Tea with “large wild leaves” is highly prized.The true Black Teas as they are known in China are the post-fermented (aged) teas, of which the Pu-Erh family of teas is the most famous.

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After processing, for both green and black varieties, the leaves are then left as loose leaves or compressed into the following sahpes: After forming, the tea is stored in warm and moist cellars which allows subtle chemical processes to further mature and mellow the tea over time.

He wrote in his book Meng Shu (“Book of Uncivilized Peoples”), “In the mountain areas around Yin-sheng, people use no sophisticated methods to pick tea.

They cook leaves mixed with ginger, pepper, spices and milk and drink it”.

Many Emperors drank Pu-Erh tea for longevity and especially liked the taste of the teas made with the finest tips.

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In the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), Pu-Erh tea from Simao in Yunnan became a tribute tea by order of Yongzheng, the second Qing Emperor.Yunnan Best Seasons To Purchase: Spring, Summer, Autumn Pharmacological Elements: Vitamins B1, B2 C and E, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, aluminum, lysine, arginine, histidine and cystine, linoleic and linolenic acids and trace amounts of zinc, sodium, nickel, iron, beryllium, sulfur and fluorides Types: Pu-Erh tea (also known as aged or vintage tea) is another of China's great treasures and has only recently been discovered in the West.